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CruiseKings' Top 10 Cruise Blogs 2014: Martin Cox of Maritime Matters

Maritime MattersAs part of our 2014 celebration of travel bloggers, we spoke to Martin Cox, founder of Maritimematters to find out more about the site and his enthusiasm for travel writing.

1. When was Maritimematters founded?

I founded Maritimematters in 1997 with an html site that I coded myself.

2. Why did you start the blog?

When the internet was young, I typed in to the search box the word TITANIC, only 18 replies came back and I realised that there was work to be done!  Building the site was a great way to share my enthusiasm for ships and to share the research I was building up on the long lost Los Angeles Steamship company, that later became a book.  In 1999, I met Peter Knego, who is a wonderful writer and ocean journalist it seemed a must to get his work out to a bigger audience and to widen the topic that the site covered to cruising as well as maritime history. From there is just got bigger and bigger.

3. What is your favourite thing about travel writing?

There is always so much to discover when you write a story, about a place, or a ship, some event in history, or a location I never new before, it's all about discovery.  Though these days I am often spending much time in the back ground working on technical issues with the web site and updating content and working with the other writers for Maritimematters.

4. What is your favourite cruise destination?

For me it's big commercial ports, I find them fascinating, like Rotterdam, Los Angeles/Long Beach, Southampton (where I am from), and ports where the city is revealed close to the water like San Francisco and New York, Hong Kong.

5. What is on your travel bucket list?

I would love to sail the Hurtiguten ships up the coast of Norway, to go round Britain on a small ship, and one place I'd like to explore more is the Greek isles. I'd also like to do some containership travel but have not yet had time and if I can add one more, it would be to sail transatlantic on QM2, though I have been on board, I still have not sailed in her yet.

6. What would you be doing if you weren’t writing about travel? 

I'd be taking more pictures, photography has always been a great love, I recently completed a commission for a huge photo mosaic at the Los Angeles Maritime Museum and I shall be opening an exhibition of my photography work in 2015.

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