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Six reasons to book a cruise early

A number of cruise lines have announced their programs for the 2016/17 season and for cruise lovers, there’s no greater pleasure than setting sail on board a favourite ship to begin the cruise holiday of a lifetime. However, there’s a long journey between making the booking and stepping onto the ship. More than ever, people are booking their sea-based holidays far in advance but there’s much more to this than just good planning. There are so many reasons to make a book with months or even years to spare. 

Make savings 


There are financial benefits of booking early. Many cruise lines offer Early Bird Fares meaning that you get to book the cruise you want but also make some substantial savings. Keep the extra money in your bank account or save it to do something special as you arrive on land for a shore excursion, perhaps visit a fancy restaurant or indulge in some extravagant activities.

Promotional Freebies

Free Cruisekings 

Cruise Lines often offer a number of promotional extras in order to encourage passengers to make a booking sooner rather than later. There are plenty of deals available right now to help add a little something extra to your cruise holiday. These include:

Cabin Fever


During your valuable holiday time, you want everything to be perfect, from the weather, the destinations and even the bed you sleep in. You can’t control the lot but by booking early, you can take control of your accommodation and get your preferred cabin type and even room number.  So if you like the intimacy of an inside cabin or the fine views provided by a balcony, booking early means you get exactly what you want.  

Family Planning

Family Cruise

A family holiday can be a pretty big commitment and parents don’t need to add to the stress to travelling with little ones. While there are plenty of ships dedicated to offering a family cruise experience, school holidays mean that many families are all holidaying at the same time, with big competition for places. By booking early, you’re guaranteed to get all your family in the right cabin, on the right ship meaning all you have to think about is enjoying all the great facilities and entertainment options on board ship.

Book with the experts

 Cruise Experts (1)

Our experts at CruiseKings have years of experience in choosing the perfect cruises for our customers. Whether you’re looking for some luxury, a family break or a river cruise, we utilise our knowledge to send you on your dream cruise. No matter what destination around the world you wish to visit from the Arctic to Australia, our specialists know every itinerary from all the major cruise lines including Royal Caribbean International, P&O Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line and many more.  With cruise itineraries departing from the UK and destinations around the world, our insight can help narrow the wide world of cruising down to the ideal voyage.

Look to the future 


What is life without something to look forward to? By booking early, there’s a ship-shaped fantasy on the horizon of your dreams, where splendid service, astounding sites, sumptuous cuisine and breath-taking entertainment await.

What are you waiting for? Call our Cruise Experts now on 0800 197 8050 to begin planning your next dream cruise holiday.

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