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To this day we still feel cruising holidays have a certain perception from the non-cruisers, and Azamara Cruises have invested in the latest technology in an attempt to showcase what their cruise holidays are all about. This gives people who aren’t too sure about cruising and don’t know what goes on aboard the ship, or what to expect, a chance to see what they are missing out on.

Azamara Cruises are the first cruise line to launch a virtual reality app which gives potential customers an in-depth representation of their cruise ships and tours. You are at the blink of an eye, transported to a virtual world where you have a full 360 degree viewing capability to explore the ship, zip-line through the rainforest, take a moonlit carriage ride in Cartagena as well as a taster what it is like to sail through Panama Canal.

Azamara 3DI

The technology is powered by Oculus Rift who are at the foreground of bringing virtual reality into video gaming and now they are expanding their horizons, so you know that for those few minutes you really are completely captivated in the three dimensional world. You really do get immersed in the energy, excitement and left wanting more. It is definitely, of course, no substitute to the real thing but what an exceptional tool Azamara Cruises have created to allow potential customers to obtain a taste of what they can expect. With the speed in which the digital world is moving these days we’re super excited to see what more can come from this type of technology.

How do you fully take advantage of this immersive 360 virtual reality experience?


You can use an Oculus Rift headset which comes equipped with headphones in an attempt for you to completely feel like you are on the ship, but these can set you back around £300. Or, you can download the app for free and buy a Google Cardboard and use your own headphones to get the exact same effect! If you don’t want to buy a Google Cardboard, then you can make your own - click here to download instructions on how to do that.

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