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Do I need any vaccinations before embarking on a cruise?

Depending on where you are travelling to in the world it may be necessary for you to obtain vaccinations prior to your departure.


Cruising follows the same medical guidelines with regards to vaccinations and medical precautions as any other type of travel throughout the world.


Upon booking your cruise you will receive a booking confirmation and documentation from the cruise line which will inform you of any vaccinations that you may require prior to your trip. You should examine this information closely and speak with your GP regarding this well in advance of your departure date. The necessary medication is not always available there and then and may need to be pre-ordered through prescription by your GP to administer at a later date.  It is also worth noting that some of these medications will incur additional fees.


If you are in any doubt then take your itinerary details along with you when you visit your doctor and they will inform you of any vaccinations that they recommend you have. Your GP will also be aware of your medical history so it is always best to check with your doctor first and foremost, especially if you have any long-standing or pre-existing medical conditions.


One of the most common vaccinations for travelling is Hepatitis A. This requires a single injection to be administered two weeks prior to your departure, although it can be given up to the day of your departure if necessary. This will protect you against Hepatitis A for about a year, however a booster dose, given within 12 months of the original, will protect you for at least 20 years so is highly recommended for all travellers.


Other examples of common vaccinations are:


Yellow Fever

Required for travelling to Africa (including South Africa), South America & Trinidad (Caribbean). Requires to be administered at least 10 days prior to travel in order to obtain a valid Certificate of Vaccination, as this may be required when travelling to some countries. Vaccine lasts 10 years.


Typhoid fever

Required for travelling to Africa, Central & South America, Asia, India & the Middle East. Ideally administered 1 month prior to departure. Injection lasts 3 years and tablet form lasts 1 year.



Required for travelling to Africa, Asia, Central & South America, Haiti, India, Dominican Republic, the Middle East and the Pacific Islands. Only available in tablet form usually to be taken for two days prior to travel and for up to four weeks after your return.


The above are examples for demonstration purposes only and should not be used as a medical guideline. All medication and vaccinations for travel should always be advised, recommended And administered by a doctor.


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