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Copenhagen to Genoa

Cruise Line: MSC Cruises
Date: 02 September 2017
Duration: 12 nights
Ports of call: Copenhagen | Warnemunde | Goteborg | Amsterdam | Southampton | La Coruna | Lisbon | Gibraltar | Barcelona | Genoa
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Day Port Arrival Departure
1 Copenhagen
Copenhagen is Scandinavia's most vibrant and affordable capital, and one of Europe's most user-friendly cities. Small and welcoming, it's a place where people rather than cars set the pace, as evidenced by the multitude of pavement cafes and the number of thoroughfares that have been given over to pedestrians and bicycles. Amenable and relaxed, it also offers a range of entertainment which belies its relatively modest size. Cultural attractions, including major national museums, a selection of magical art galleries, a healthy assortment of performing arts events and one of Europe's most interesting film scenes.
Sat 02 Sep 2017 Sat 02 Sep 2017 18:00
2 Warnemunde
Sun 03 Sep 2017 08:00 Sun 03 Sep 2017 19:00
3 Goteborg
Mon 04 Sep 2017 13:00 Mon 04 Sep 2017 19:00
4 At Sea
Tue 05 Sep 2017 Tue 05 Sep 2017
5 Amsterdam
Amsterdam is one of the world's best hangouts, a canny blend of old and new. The city seems to thrive on its funky mix and despite hordes of tourists, still manages to feel quintessentially Dutch. The old crooked houses, the cobbled streets, the tree-lined canals and generous parks all contribute to the atmosphere
Wed 06 Sep 2017 07:00 Wed 06 Sep 2017 14:00
6 Southampton
The port of Southampton can trace its origins back to a Roman settlement on the banks of the River Itchen where Bitterne stands today. However, the Saxon settlement of Hamwic or Hamtun on the opposite shore of the Itchen is where Southampton’s early identity really starts to take shape. Unfortunately the wealth of this fledgling Saxon port attracted the attentions of Viking raiders who were, to say the least, bad for business.

However, the die had been cast and Southampton traded through good times and bad until, by the early 19th century, paddle steamers started running regular services to France. A century and a half later the first car ferries plied the same routes helping to further popularise the idea of foreign leisure travel that the White Star liners and the glamorous Southampton built flying boats had helped to pioneered.

Although the great liners were literally overtaken by the era of cheap jet travel, they never entirely disappeared and, gradually, modern cruising started to become more accessible and more popular. Today Southampton has three cruise terminals to copy with the unprecedented comings and goings of today’s massive cruise ships.
Thu 07 Sep 2017 09:00 Thu 07 Sep 2017 21:00
7 At Sea
Fri 08 Sep 2017 Fri 08 Sep 2017
8 La Coruna
La Coruna is best enjoyed when wandering its streets, whether it is going to the restaurants, bars and taverns or admiring its rich architectural past. Because of its prime location on the AtlanticOcean, La Coruna has become a favorite destination for watersport enthusiasts; surfing, sailing and fishing can be practiced on its beaches throughout the year.
Sat 09 Sep 2017 09:00 Sat 09 Sep 2017 15:00
9 Lisbon
Located on the Atlantic Ocean, Lisbon is a beautiful vibrant city. Visit the Royal carriage museum, the Belem tower or the monastery of St. Geronimo and the monument of Discoveries are only some of the many treasures of Lisbon.
Sun 10 Sep 2017 13:00 Sun 10 Sep 2017 23:00
10 Gibraltar
Gibraltar is a British overseas territory located near the southernmost tip of the Iberian Peninsula overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar. The territory shares a border with Spain to the north. Gibraltar has historically been an important base for the British Armed Forces and is the site of a Royal Navy base. The name of the territory is derived from the Arabic name Jabal Tāriq meaning "mountain of Tariq". It refers to the geological formation, the Rock of Gibraltar, which in turn was named for theBerberUmayyad general Tariq ibn-Ziyad who led the initial incursion into Iberia in advance of the main Moorish force in 711 under the command of Umayyad Caliph Al-Walid I. Earlier, it was known as Mons Calpe, one of the Pillars of Hercules. Today, Gibraltar is known colloquially as Gib or The Rock.
Mon 11 Sep 2017 19:00 Mon 11 Sep 2017
11 At Sea
Tue 12 Sep 2017 Tue 12 Sep 2017
12 Barcelona
Barcelona is the capital of the Catalonia region. It lies along the Mediterranean coast between the mouths of the rivers Besós and Llobregat. In the Northwest a set of hills run parallel to the coast. In the Southwest the old town lies along the port and is divided by the famous “La Rambla”. Today Barcelona is Spain's second biggest city as far as population is concerned and it is the main industrial centre of the country. Barcelona hosts two universities, several museums and libraries and has been a cultural and artistic centre since the Middle Ages.
Wed 13 Sep 2017 Wed 13 Sep 2017
13 Genoa
GENOA cradled between land and sea, living and working in the port, breathing its past in her palaces, passionately fond of the terraced hills that embrace the city, Genoa has many different faces. A modern metropolis and a severe custodian of artistic heritage, an industrious marketplace that also has century-old parks to relax in.
Genoa hides her riches in an historical centre that looks traditionally seaward yet at the same time exhibits a new beauty achieved by restoring the splendour of ages past. Youthfulness springs from the new urban fabric that has restored works of arts and architecture.
Thu 14 Sep 2017 09:00 Thu 14 Sep 2017
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