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Mediterranean Gems

Cruise Line: Seabourn
Date: 23 September 2017
Duration: 25 nights
Ports of call: Athens (Piraeus) | Hydra | Xlendi, Gozo island | Malta (La Valletta) | Livorno | Portofino | Frejus, France | Marseille | Palamos | Barcelona | Malaga | Tangier | Casablanca | Arrecife, Lanzarote, Canary Islands | San Sebastian, La Gomera | Santa Cruz de Tenerife | Funchal | Portimao | Lisbon
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Day Port Arrival Departure
1 Piraeus (Athens), Greece
Piraeus has been the port for Athens since 482 BC. The busy harbor is filled with ferries and cruise ships making their way to the Greek Islands and other Mediterranean cities. The busy metropolis of Athens and its treasure trove of antiquities lie just a few miles from the port. Even as the reality of the modern city took hold, with its high-rise apartments, crowded sidewalks and bustling traffic, the beauty of the Acropolis, the outstanding museums, charming cafés, sidewalk markets and startling views come together in a cultural mosaic for all to enjoy.
Sat 23 Sep 2017 Sat 23 Sep 2017 23:00
2 Hydra, Greece
Sun 24 Sep 2017 08:00 Sun 24 Sep 2017 17:00
3 At Sea
Mon 25 Sep 2017 Mon 25 Sep 2017
4 Xlendi, Gozo island, Malta
Nestled at the end of a deep ravine, Xlendi was, until the mid 20th century, a small fishing port and a relaxing summer resort for a few locals and Maltese residents. Xlendi Bay is now on the must-visit list of most day-trippers to Gozo Island. Although becoming more popular as a tourist destination, Gozo still retains a peaceful atmosphere and is surprisingly undeveloped in spite of the vacation accommodations that have cropped up in recent years. Xlendi is flanked by a steep cliff, which affords wonderful views for those adventurous enough to climb the stairs that ascend the cliff to the right. Bathers can be seen frequenting Xlendi Bay usually off the rocks along the bay by access of a ladder into the deep crystal clear water. On the promontory is Xlendi Tower, built in 1650. Standing on a scenic coastline pitted with hand-dug salt pans, the tower commands superb sea views.
Tue 26 Sep 2017 08:00 Tue 26 Sep 2017 15:00
4 Valletta, Malta
Occupied successively by the Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, French and British, Malta has been of strategic importance throughout history. A British Crown Colony until 1964, Malta received the George Cross for its valiant resistance to German occupation in WWII. The island's rich heritage is reflected in the architecture of Valletta, the current capital, and Medina, the capital until 1565. In Valletta the Knights of St. John built such masterpieces as St. John's Co-Cathedral and the Palace of the Grand Masters, along with the fortifications that guard the town's magnificent harbors.
Tue 26 Sep 2017 Tue 26 Sep 2017
5 Valletta, Malta
Occupied successively by the Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, French and British, Malta has been of strategic importance throughout history. A British Crown Colony until 1964, Malta received the George Cross for its valiant resistance to German occupation in WWII. The island's rich heritage is reflected in the architecture of Valletta, the current capital, and Medina, the capital until 1565. In Valletta the Knights of St. John built such masterpieces as St. John's Co-Cathedral and the Palace of the Grand Masters, along with the fortifications that guard the town's magnificent harbors.
Wed 27 Sep 2017 Wed 27 Sep 2017
6 At Sea
Thu 28 Sep 2017 Thu 28 Sep 2017
7 Livorno (Florence/Pisa), Italy
Livorno is the gateway to the region of Tuscany, which as Goethe once observed, looks like Italy should. Fortunately for today's visitor not much has changed in the two centuries since the German poet was himself a tourist in Toscana. The remarkable wealth of beauty here mellowed to a golden patina by history and tempered by the hand of man, awaits. Everywhere there is history, from the Etruscan stronghold of Fiesole, to the Roman colony of Volterra to the Renaissance splendor of Florence, Pisa, Sienna and San Gimignano. If the landscape evokes a sense of the familiar it is because the great masters have used it as a backdrop for their great works. Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci were archtypal Tuscans and Renaissance men who headed an extensive list of geniuses who lived, worked and created within a single period of time.
Fri 29 Sep 2017 07:00 Fri 29 Sep 2017 19:00
8 Portofino, Italy
Portofino is a charming, popular resort village on the Italian Riviera, a favorite with artists and seasoned travelers. Situated on a beautiful bay, the surrounding mountains covered with dense vegetation of olive and cypress trees, form a unique setting of incomparable beauty. The ship will anchor in the bay and tenders will transport you to this tiny resort village, which is closed to vehicle traffic. Everything is concentrated around a small square offering an opportunity to stroll around on foot, shop, or just relax at one of the many open-air cafes.
Sat 30 Sep 2017 08:00 Sat 30 Sep 2017 17:00
9 Frejus, France
Sun 01 Oct 2017 08:00 Sun 01 Oct 2017 17:00
10 La Joliette (Marseille),France
Marseille is the second largest city in France after Paris. It is also one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the Mediterranean. Cave paintings in the nearby Calanques are estimated to be 30,000 years old, and remains of brick habitations date from 6,000 BCE. The more recent history begins with a Hellenic port in about 600 BCE, some remains of which are on view at the city’s History Museum. It has been one of the world’s major seaports almost from its founding, and served as the main European terminus of the French colonial empire in Africa and the Far East. It is located in the Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur region and is the capital of the Bouches-du-Rhone department. On an island in the expansive bay of Marseille stands the prison of Chateau d’If made famous by the Alexandre Dumas novel “The Count of Monte Cristo.” The Vieux-Port with its atmospheric buildings and wharves is the area where visitors can search for the perfect example of the local specialty bouillabaisse, a rich fish stew containing at least three, and often more varieties of local fishes. Marseille’s newly renovated port at the venerable Joliette Docks is situated very close to the striking Cathédrale de la Major and the fascinating collections at the Museum of African, Oceanic and American Indian Arts.
Mon 02 Oct 2017 08:00 Mon 02 Oct 2017 18:00
11 Palamos, Spain
Located at the foot of the mountains on Spain's rugged Costa Brava, Palamos boasts seven superb beaches, Iberian archeological remains from the year 6 BC, and the Church of Sant Esteve on the beach. Highlighting the town center is its 16th-century cathedral.
Tue 03 Oct 2017 08:00 Tue 03 Oct 2017 18:00
12 Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, is said to have been founded by the Phoenicians, and was once the rival of the powerful states of Venice and Genoa for control of the Mediterranean trade. Today, it is Spain's second largest city and has long rivaled, even surpassed Madrid in industry and commerce. The medieval atmosphere of the Gothic Quarter and the elegant boulevards combine to make the city one of Europe's most beautiful. Barcelona's active cultural life and heritage brought forth such greats as the architect Antonio Gaudi, the painter Joan Miro, and Pablo Picasso, who spent his formative years here. Other famous native Catalan artists include cellist Pau Casals, surrealist Salvador Dali, and opera singers Montserrat Caballe and Josep Carreras. Barcelona accomplished a long-cherished goal with the opportunity to host the Olympics in 1992. This big event prompted a massive building program and created a focal point of the world's attention.
Wed 04 Oct 2017 07:00 Wed 04 Oct 2017 17:00
13 At Sea
Thu 05 Oct 2017 Thu 05 Oct 2017
14 Malaga, Spain
Often little more than a gateway to the Costa del Sol for sun-seeking vacationers, Malaga is a most interesting city in its own right. First settled by the Phoenicians, Malaga was held by virtually every ruling power in the Mediterranean at one time or another. Two Moorish fortresses, the 11th-century Alcazaba and the 14th-century Castillo de Gibralfaro still stand sentry above the harbor. Malaga was the birthplace of Pablo Picasso as well as the Malaguena style of flamenco. During your time here, you may wish to sample some of the sweet Malaga wine and excellent tapas for which the city is noted.
Fri 06 Oct 2017 08:00 Fri 06 Oct 2017 18:00
15 Tangier, Morocco
Situated just across the narrow Strait of Gibraltar from Europe, Tangier has long comprised a hybrid culture that is nearly as European as it is African. Standing atop Cap Spartel, one can gaze down on the place where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean. The “Hollywood” district where the foreign embassies have traditionally been located reflects the European influence. But ascending the hill above the waterfront, one enters the narrow, winding alleys of the Kasbah, the city’s oldest, most Moroccan section. Down the coast, nearby Tetouan retains a nearly untouched walled medina, with sections originally occupied by Andalusian, Berber and Jewish populations. It is small enough that visitors can explore it without risking becoming lost, making it a perfect choice as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Sat 07 Oct 2017 08:00 Sat 07 Oct 2017 17:00
16 Casablanca, Morocco
Casablanca, located on the Atlantic coast, is with 4 million inhabitants Morocco's largest city, and at the same time the largest port in Africa. Built on the site of ancient Phoenician Anfa, it remained a small fishing village for many centuries until the French arrived in 1912. Since then Casablanca has become a vast modern city, ever on the increase since Morocco's independence from France in 1956. A successful blend of oriental-style, white cubic dwellings with modern Moroccan quarters gives the city an interesting flair. Lovely beaches and attractive hotels make for a popular year-round holiday resort. To help understand Moroccan culture a visit to the Medina, the quaint old Moorish quarter, is a must for all visitors.
Sun 08 Oct 2017 07:00 Sun 08 Oct 2017 21:00
17 At Sea
Mon 09 Oct 2017 Mon 09 Oct 2017
18 Arrecife, Canary Islands
Lanzarote is the northernmost of the Canary Islands, often known as "volcano island." Its capital is Arrecife, a quiet town of about 30,000 inhabitants. Present day Lanzarote consists of two quite distinct massifs: Famara in the north, and Los Ajaches in the south, where centuries of erosion have sculpted abrupt cliffs and deep ravines, contrasting sharply with the smoothly rounded hills of the island's central region.
Tue 10 Oct 2017 08:00 Tue 10 Oct 2017 18:00
19 San Sebastian, la Gomera
Wed 11 Oct 2017 10:00 Wed 11 Oct 2017 18:00
20 Santa Cruz (La Palma), Spain
The old town is a treasury of 16th and 17th century buildings, and not just churches. Do go inside the fortified-looking Iglesia del Salvador, however, to see its ornate, Islamic-style Mudejar ceiling, one of the best in the islands. A short way outside town is the Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Snows, one of the most important sites on the island. The waterfront is a good place to find ancient houses with elaborate iron balconies, many now converted to restaurants and shops. Many visitors tour the island’s dormant volcanoes, or the odd, erosion caldera called La Cumbrecita, a UNESCO Biosphere Site. An excursion to the village of Mazo rewards with a fine island museum containing examples of local handicrafts and especially the fabulous indigenous embroidery. Just beyond the museum is a handicrafts school, an excellent place to acquire a handcrafted souvenir of your Canary Islands adventure.
Thu 12 Oct 2017 07:00 Thu 12 Oct 2017 22:00
21 Santa Cruz (Tenerife), Canary Islands, Spain
Fri 13 Oct 2017 08:00 Fri 13 Oct 2017
22 Santa Cruz (Tenerife), Canary Islands, Spain
Sat 14 Oct 2017 Sat 14 Oct 2017
23 Funchal (Madeira), Portugal
The Madeira Archipelago, consisting of the islands Madeira, Porto Santo and Desertas, is situated in the Atlantic, about 400 miles from the African coast and 560 miles from Lisbon. Discovered by the Portuguese in 1419, Madeira, the largest of the islands, became of great importance to Portugal for its sugar production and later on for the cultivation of wine. The unusually temperate oceanic climate and extraordinary scenery had Northern Europeans flocking to Madeira as early as the 18th century to spend the winter months. The winning combination of high, rocky peaks, steep green ravines and waterfalls in the interior, with the flowering charm of Funchal still attracts nearly half a million visitors each year.
Sun 15 Oct 2017 08:00 Sun 15 Oct 2017 18:00
24 At Sea
Mon 16 Oct 2017 Mon 16 Oct 2017
25 Portimao, Portugal
With a population of almost 40,000, Portimão in Portugal's Algarve region, is one of the country's largest coastal towns. Its perennially sunny climate, beautiful beaches and historic buildings make it a tourist destination in its own right. The Bio-park Monchique is famous for its abundance of flora and spectacular views. Off shore, fishing and dolphin spotting make for exciting pastimes.
Tue 17 Oct 2017 08:00 Tue 17 Oct 2017 17:00
26 Lisbon, Portugal
The great period of "the Discoveries" accounted for phenomenal wealth brought back from India, Africa and Brazil by the great Portuguese navigators. Gold, jewels, ivory, porcelain and spices helped finance grand new buildings and impressive monuments in Lisbon, the country's capital city. As you sail up the Tagus River, be on deck to admire Lisbon's panorama and see some of the great monuments lining the river. Lisbon is one of Europe's smallest capital cities but considered by many visitors to be one of the most likeable. Spread over a string of seven hills, the city offers a variety of faces, including a refreshing no-frills simplicity reflected in the people as they go unhurriedly through their day enjoying a hearty and delicious cuisine accompanied by the country's excellent wines.
Wed 18 Oct 2017 07:00 Wed 18 Oct 2017
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