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Northern Europe Cruises

There’s a whole world of natural beauty to be discovered with a cruise to Northern Europe. See the stunning fjords of Norway or the dramatic coastlines that line the Baltic Sea and embrace the culture found in some of Europe’s great cities. 


The north offers a disparate cruising experience dependent on the time of year. See the lush green beauty of Norway and Iceland in the summer or enjoy the warmth of good cooking and traditional crafts with a tour of Christmas markets in winter.

Travelling into the Arctic Circle provides stunning stratospheric sites no matter what the time of the year. See the world in a whole new light at the height of summer and see the amazing landscape under the glare of the midnight sun. In winter see the sky illuminated with the geomagnetic beauty of Northern Lights.

The fjords of Norway are among the most magnificent sites in the world. These water canals were carved into the mountain valleys by glaciers leaving narrow inlets surrounded by steep mountain cliffs, lush with greenery.

Experience the life and culture of some of Europe’s great historic cities.  Oslo is a hub of the arts and features an array of excellent museums and theatres. St Petersburg is full of imperial splendour from the Winter Palace to the incredible Imperial parks. The canals of Copenhagen offer a gateway to history and the sites of Rosenborg Castle and Christiansborg Palace.

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