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Canarian Escape 2 Cruise

  • Departure DateMon 9th Dec 2024
  • Marella Cruises Marella Explorer
  • 5 Night Cruise From Malaga
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  • Malaga
  • Gibraltar
  • Casablanca
  • Tenerife
  • Gran Canaria

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Day 1 - Malaga

Arrive: Mon 09 December 2024 / Depart: Mon 09 December 2024 at 18:00

Looking out across the Mediterranean, Malaga overflows with an assortment of architectural treasures and Spain's prized jewel, the Alhambra Palace, is within easy striking distance. Andalucia's second largest city, Malaga, is a bustling port on Spain's sunny Costa del Sol. Standing on a hillside overlooking the city is the 8th-century ‘Alcazaba', an impressive Moorish fortress. Malaga's cathedral is affectionately known as ‘La Manquita', meaning ‘the onearmed one' owing to its half-built tower, abandoned in the 1700s due to insufficient funds. During the Arab occupation of Spain, Malaga was the principle port of the Moorish kingdom of Granada. A short drive inland takes you to the heart of this wonderful city and its celebrated centrepiece, the breathtaking Alhambra Palace

Day 2 - Gibraltar

Arrive: Tue 10 December 2024 at 08:00 / Depart: Tue 10 December 2024 at 18:00

Gibraltar is only two miles long. This, its duty-free shops and sunshine record make it the perfect place to shop, explore and meet the famous Gibraltan monkeys. Inside and outside, Gibraltar offers lots of opportunities to find out what makes it so appealing. On the rock itself are attractions like the Moorish Castle, the Gibraltar Museum and the cable car ride to Europa Point with its stop to visit the families of famous Gibraltan monkeys. Inside the rock, there are more miles of road than on the outside, including the Great Siege Tunnels and St Michael's Cave.

Day 3 - Casablanca

Arrive: Wed 11 December 2024 at 06:30 / Depart: Wed 11 December 2024 at 18:00

Forget the film. This is Casablanca for real. Which means beaches and clubs, mosques and markets, all rubbing shoulders in Morocco's biggest city, giving you lots of reasons to explore. A lively international port with a large and varied medina, or market, selling traditional Moroccan goods, Casablanca is also home of the Hassan II Mosque. Towering over the coastline as you enter the harbour, this magnificent building is one of the most impressive pieces of architecture in the world, from the promenade leading up to its steps to the incredible intricacy of its tiling. The square in the centre of Casablanca, Place Mohammed V is also one of the best examples of French Colonial Architecture in the region. And if you want to relax, try the beach clubs lining the ocean front at Ain Diab. As for Rick's Café, drop in to the Hilton Hotel where you'll find the piano from the film and even Humphrey Bogart's hat and coat.

Day 4 - At Sea

Day 5 - Tenerife

Arrive: Fri 13 December 2024 at 08:00 / Depart: Fri 13 December 2024 at 18:00

Day 6 - Gran Canaria

Arrive: Sat 14 December 2024 at 06:30 / Depart: Sat 14 December 2024

This sub-tropical oasis is the ideal place to relax. With its tranquil beaches of volcanic sand, you'll find it remarkably easy to let the time just slip away. Year-round sunshine and the option to visit the main resort area of Playa del Ingles on the south coast or the quieter Veguetta make Las Palmas the ideal destination, whatever your frame of mind. In Veguetta, the Christopher Columbus Museum provides an interesting diversion, while above the city the Bandama Crater reveals the island's volcanic past. With tranquil beaches of volcanic sand, you can combine a leisurely stroll to view the Portuguese-influenced architecture with a few hour's sunbathing to take it all in.

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