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Alluring Asia

  • Departure Date14 Mar 2024
  • Silversea Silver Muse
  • 21 Nights Cruise & Stay
  • Prices From £6,499 per person


  • Stay 3 nights in Bali
  • Bali
  • Coron, Philippines
  • Manila
  • Kaohsiung
  • Taipei
  • Naha (Okinawa Is.)
  • Kagoshima
  • Osaka
  • Tokyo

Begin this wonderful cruise and stay holiday with 3 nights in the beautiful island of Bali, a favourite destination for adventurers and those in need of relaxation. Bask in the sunshine on the stunning white sand beaches, enjoy a spot of scuba diving and snorkelling in the crystal clear waters, or treat yourself to a soothing massage at one of Bali’s indulgent spas. You’ll then embark Silver Muse for your luxurious cruise calling at mesmerising ports of call. Experience The Philippines, Asia's pearl of the orient for the richness of its culture and the beauty of its landscape. Be spoiled for choice in Taiwan from incredible scenic vistas to impressive and colourful temples. immerse yourself in the spiritual heart of Japan and delight in traditional teahouses, sublime gardens, ethereal temples and the ornate embroidery of the geisha’s kimono.


  • FREE Bali Stay
  • Uluwatu Temple and Uluwatu Kecak Fire and Dance Show - Half-Day Tour with Dinner
  • Unlimited Beverages, Shore Excursions, Speciality Dining, WiFi & Gratuities
  • Cherry Blossom Season in Japan

What's Included?

  • Return flights from the UK (call for regional departures)
  • 3 night stay in Bali on bed & breakfast basis
  • Uluwatu Temple and Uluwatu Kecak Fire and Dance Show - Half-Day Tour with Dinner
  • 16 night cruise on board Silver Muse on all inclusive basis
  • Unlimited Beverages, Shore Excursions, Speciality Dining, WiFi & Gratuities
  • Transfers
  • Baggage Allowance

Prices From pp

Departure DateInteriorOceanviewBalconySuite
Mar 2024---£6,499

Price based on flying from London. Suite price is based on Vista Suite. Prices are subject to availability and may change out with our control. Flight supplements from regional airports will apply. For a live price for your chosen date, airport and hotels please call our Cruise Experts.

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Silver Muse

Silver Muse is without question an inspirational work of art.

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Itinerary for Alluring Asia

Day 1 - Fly UK to Bali

Day 2 - Arrive Bali & transfer to hotel / Enjoy Bali

Day 3 - Enjoy Bali & Tour

Day 4 - Enjoy Bali

Day 5 - Embark Silver Muse in Bali

Thanks to its spectacular natural beauty and rich culture, Bali has long been Indonesia’s most popular destination. Stone inscriptions dating from around the 9th century A.D. are the earliest records found on Bali; by that time, the island was already developing irrigation systems and a lifestyle that drew many comparisons to what visitors find here today.

Day 6 - At Sea

Day 7 - At Sea

Day 8 - At Sea

Day 9 - Coron, Philippines

"Dramatic rock protrusions rear from turquoise sea - while endless sweeps of golden sand, and underwater worlds of colourful life – make Coron a place that you can’t help but dive into. A snorkeler and scuba diver’s paradise, ghostly shipwrecks lie below the glorious waters here, swirling with life and stories. With complex coral reefs, towering cliffs, and turquoise waters blotched with emerald greens, Coron is a vibrant and revitalising escape of spectacular islands and pristine beaches. With limestone cliffs jutting into the air, Kayangan Lake is already beautiful enough from the surface - but it’s a whole other world in the depths of the freshwater lake. Dive in to see the underlying world in all of its colourful glory, or sail across the surface and observe the beauty through the glass-like water. Elsewhere, Lake Barracuda is a unique diving experience, where you can swim among a swirl of intertwining fresh and saltwater and feel the sudden shifts in temperature as you move. Experienced divers should head out to the dozens of ghostly Japanese wrecks that have lain still on these sea-beds ever since they were sunken by a US air assault, as the Pacific War raged. All of that swimming, diving and beachside relaxation is hard work - so visit Maquinit Hot Springs to dissolve any stresses in the thermally heated waters, which will poach any sore muscles back to health. A Buko Shake’s blend of coconut, milk and ice is always refreshing – especially when sipped on your choice of Coron’s isolated beach paradises."

Day 10 - Manila

The city sprawls eastward from Manila Bay. Its streets range from multi-lane boulevards to maze-like alleys. In this metropolis of 12 million, the contrast between spacious well-maintained elite communities like Forbes Park and overcrowded slum areas such as Tondo is immense. Occupied over the decades by the Spanish, Americans, British and Japanese, East now meets West, giving the city its unique character. The Walled City, a medieval fortified town, was the heart and soul of the country for more than 300 years. This city fortress, surrounded by moats and turreted walls 30 feet thick, was known as Intramuros. Only members of the Castilian upper class, friars, soldiers and government administrators were privileged to live inside the walls; natives had to live in the outlying boroughs.

Day 11 - At Sea

Day 12 - Kaohsiung

Adorned with huge public artworks and thrumming night markets, Kaohsiung is the perfect introduction to energetic Taiwan. The busy harbour of the country's third-biggest city fuelled rapid growth here, and while it's vast in scale, Kaohsiung has wide and airy boulevards - interspersed with parks where fountains fire water high into the sky. Filled with cultural splendour – you can visit soaring temples lit by softly glowing lanterns, and taste exotic street foods as you fall for this city, which is dissected by the Love River. View less The vividly coloured Dragon and Tiger Pagodas soar into the sky above the blooming flowers of Lotus Lake, promising visitors good luck – on the proviso that they enter through the dragon's mouth and leave via the tiger. The good fortune kicks in instantly, as you emerge to see the zigzagging path that leads to the Pei Chi Pavilion. Rows of long fishing rods lean out over the walls of Cijin Island, while the fruits of the ocean are served up amid a sensory overload of neon lights, and swells of people, in Liuhe night market. Try sea snails and lobster, before cooling off from Taiwan's heat with some shaved ice - flavoured with a sweet banana kick. Central Park is a green and spacious escape in the heart of Kaohsiung, while primates scamper through the airy forested mountain trails of Shou-Shan Mountain behind the city. Elsewhere, you can take the short hop out of the city to Fo Guang Shan Monastery, where a troupe of eight pagodas will lead you on the walk up to the humungous buddha which glints on top of the striking temple.

Day 13 - Taipei

Located on the north coast of Taiwan, and embraced by lush green mountains, Keelung City is Taiwan’s second-biggest port and a major gateway to Taipei's glittering lights and spectacular skyscrapers. It can get a little damp here at times - the city is known as the 'Rainy Port' after all - but even the elements fail to dampen the spirits in this Taiwanese hotbed of tradition, modernity and rich culture. View less Keelung is famous for its Mid-Summer Ghost festival – when dragons decorated with flowers and spitting pyrotechnics are paraded through the streets. Flickering lanterns glitter on the water’s waves, creating a beautiful, ethereal scene. If you do linger in Keelung, witness the city coming to life as the sun dips - and Keelung Miaokou night market floods with people below a blinding wash of lights. Most will choose to take the ride to the country's capital, Taipei, and visit this mesmerising modern city, which blends influences from around the world. A quirky city of museums and countless bustling markets. Stands and stalls work late into the night, serving up every food you can imagine. Wander between the salivating smells and rising flames of open fires, which cook up everything from fried oysters to chicken and fish pastries - as you ride the all-out sensory assault of the city's bustling markets. Incredible temples are sprinkled across Taipei, such as Bao-An Temple, a peaceful, incense-infused place of colourful artistry. The country's heritage is reflected in towering new architecture like the tiered pagoda of the Taipei 101 skyscraper, which dominates the skyline from every angle.

Day 14 - At Sea

Day 15 - Naha (Okinawa Is.)

The Southwest Islands stretch like stepping-stones from Japan to Taiwan across the East China Sea. They have long been a bridge between the two cultures, as well as a source of tension over who should hold sway. In 1372, an Okinawan king began paying tribute to the Chinese court, a practice that continued for hundreds of years. But by the 17th century, Japanese power was on the rise and the Satsuma kingdom of southern Kyushu soon invaded and annexed the islands.

Day 16 - At Sea

Day 17 - Kagoshima

One of Japan's most southerly major cities, Kagoshima is dominated by the imposing Sakurajima volcano's cone – a legendary active volcano that broods, churns and puffs out ash nearby. A pretty old-time ferry chugs across the still waters to the gently sloping foothills of the volcano's cone, and it's easy to imagine where the comparisons with its sister city Naples materialised, as you sail the glorious sweeping Kinko Bay, below beaming sunshine, towards the immense volcanic spectacle. View less This is certainly no historic relic, and the volcano remains revered and feared, with the most dramatic recent eruption taking place in 1914, and spewing out a new bridge of land into the sea. Make the most of the geothermal activity in the area by indulging in a stress-simmering black sand bath. Incredibly relaxing, you'll be submerged in the warm sand, as you feel your muscles relaxing in the heat, and rejuvenating blood pumping around your body. Enjoy a privileged view of the iconic volcano's loom from the terraced garden of Senganen Garden. Built in 1658, this elegant, traditional garden has belonged to the Shimadzu family for 350 years. Wander the gardens - which bloom with Japan's renowned cherry tree blossoms and feature tiny bridges looping over ponds and rock pools - before sitting back and sipping a wholesome green matcha latte. Elsewhere, museums offer Feudal Era and Satsuma Province history, as well as insights into the Kamikaze squadrons of World War II. Lake Ikeda is also close by, so be sure to keep an eye out for the legendary Issie monster.

Day 18 - At Sea

Day 19 - Osaka

Japan’s third-biggest city has thrown off its shackles and stepped out of the shadows to light up the sky with glaring neon signs and a larger than life outlook. Giant octopuses cling to buildings and bustling restaurants pack in the crowds in this great and garish place, which is Japan at its most friendly, extroverted and flavourful. So dive in headfirst to experience an all-out sensory assault of delicious food, shopping cathedrals and glittering temples. View less Dotombori Bridge bathes in the multicoloured, jewel-like lights of signage-plastered buildings, and the neon lights dance on the canal's waters below. Osaka is known as the nation's kitchen, and the Kuromon Ichiba Market has served as the city's spot to tuck in for almost 200 years. Full of street food stalls - try pufferfish, savoury Okonomiyaki pancakes, or ginger and onion flavoured octopus, among the endless feast of exotic flavours. Osaka Castle is another of the city’s landmarks, built in the 16th century by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. A modern museum now waits inside, where you can learn about the country's history, and why this castle is a symbol of Japanese unity. Be sure to take the elevator up to the observation deck for a panoramic view of Osaka's spread. A colourful park encloses the castle and blooms with an ocean of pale pink cherry blossom during the season - the elegant black tiers rising from the pink haze below is one of Osaka's most alluring visions. Kyoto’s peaceful cultural treasures and temples are also just a short jaunt away on Japan’s sleek trains, should you wish to explore further afield.

Day 20 - At Sea

Day 21 - Tokyo, disembark & fly UK

Flying as far under the radar as Japan's second-biggest city possibly can, only a 30-minute train ride separates Yokohama from Tokyo's metropolis. Sat a little further to the south of the Bay of Tokyo than the Japanese capital, Yokohama is a place to enjoy waterfront strolls and the warmest of welcomes, as you arrive and acclimatise to this city in the bustling heart of Japan. View less Step into this ocean of urbanity, where major cities merge and blend together, and it's hard to square Yokohama's fishing village origins with the vast urban sprawl that you encounter today. An outward-looking place, Yokohama was one of the first to open its harbour to international trade, leading to a rapid transformation from village to big city. The opening of the ports drew many Chinese traders to the bay, and Yokohama houses the country's biggest Chinatown - a colourful and historic explosion of Chinese shops and more than 250 eateries. Landmark Tower is hard to miss, puncturing the sky as Japan's second-largest building, it looks out over the water and rises before the distant loom of Mount Fuji. The towering ferris wheel nearby is one of the world's tallest, and flashes with colour amid the glowing skyline at night. Enjoy breezy strolls along the lively waterfront, with heritage ships, museums and tempting restaurants bordering the sparking bay's waters. Offering the excitement that only landing on Japanese shores can offer, Yokohama is a great starting point for any adventure to this land of culture, colour and grace. Whether you want to venture onwards to Tokyo's neon-bathed wonders, see Mount Fuji up close, or find peace and tranquillity in Kyoto's majestic temples and shrines, Yokohama opens up the best of Japan's wonders to you.

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