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CruiseKings' Top 10 Cruise Blogs 2014: Mary Chong of Calculated Traveller

Calculated TravellerAs part of our 2014 celebration of travel bloggers we spoke to Mary Chong, writer of Calculated Traveller, to find out more about the site and her passion for travel writing.  

1. When was Calculated Traveller founded?

Calculated Traveller started in February 2013 as a Canadian online magazine offering friendly advice, informative reviews, and inspiration on all things travel.

2.  Why did you start the blog?

I had been writing for another website and wanted to write more about the logistics of travel. I started searching for another media outlet and couldn't find one that was compatible and decided to start my own.

I knew that I couldn't handle all of the writing, travelling and administrative work involved in order to make a blog successful. So, I decided to enlist some friends who are also fellow travellers to join in on my adventure. With multiple writers on staff, we each have a different travel style but we are able to cover all types of travellers, and travel experiences of every level. For example - my husband and I are the cruisers and road trippers of the group, another writer does a lot of outdoor active adventures with her family and another writer does a lot of solo urban travelling. Each article is written in their own unique voice and style but they always have the same focus - budget, planning and preparation. This ultimately turned out to be the ideal situation and is what makes our site unique.

3.  What is your favourite thing about travel writing?

I just love sharing and inspiring others to go out there to see and experience the world. A lot of travel writers write about the romance and feelings of a location. Don't get me wrong, I love reading articles of that nature but that's not my style - I'm not that type of writer to be truthful. I love providing tips, suggestions, budget ideas and how to guides. I love showing people that if I can do it - you can too - and here's how...

4.  What is your favourite cruise destination?

My favourite cruise destination is the Caribbean. We are based in Toronto, Canada and there is the constant need to get away from the cold and snow of the winter in search of sun, sea and sand! Florida is a short 4-hour flight from Toronto and there are plenty of cruise ships available to choose from. It doesn't really matter what islands we will be visiting as long as there is a beach and a palm tree close by.

5.  What is on your travel bucket list?

There are so many places!  China is near the top of the list because that's where my family heritage is. I've visited Hong Kong before but I've never travelled inland and I would love to visit Southern China which is the location of my family's ancestral village and of course tour the north to visit the Great Wall and the Terracotta Warriors.

6.  What would you be doing if you weren't writing about travel?

I'm a big paper crafter and scrapbooker. So, I'd probably be scrapbooking all my travel photos that are piling up if I weren't writing about what's happening in the photos. So many photos... so little time haha!

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